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  • Q. What does the water damage restoration process involve?
      When dealing with water damage, we work tirelessly with our skills and advanced equipment to make sure every ounce of water is cleaned up, ruined materials are removed, and the potential for mold growth is diminished The first step is a full assessment of the source of the water to ensure we not only remove the water but ensure we’ve addressed the root of the problem Next, we clean up any standing (visible) water. Then we assess the damage, determine what can be salvaged and what needs to be disposed of. Finally, we dry and dehumidified the bound water found in the structures and surfaces of the home/building materials. Throughout the process, we work to prevent mold growth if no mold is already present.
  • Q. What is the first thing I should do after a fire?
      The safety of your family and pets is the ultimate priority. First and foremost, do not enter your home or apartment unless the fire department says it is safe. If possible, leave pets with a family member, friend or veterinarian when visiting your damaged home to keep them safe. Depending on the severity, you may choose to contact your local disaster relief service, such as the ARC or the Salvation Army and your insurance company. Your next call should be to a certified fire damage restoration specialist like WATER FIRE FIX. We are available 24/7 to help. We will arrive as soon as possible to assess the situation and start the process of repairs. To get help immediately, call 800-207-0065.

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We keep your family and home’s health and safety a top priority throughout the cleanup and restoration process. WATER FIRE FIX uses only the latest technology, highest quality botanical cleaning solutions and top trained technicians to safely and effectively clean and sanitize your home or commercial property.
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