Fire and Smoke Damage

We strictly follow the standards of care for the restoration industry set forth by the IICRC.

A fire is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to your home or business. After the emergency is over, let WATER FIRE FIX help protect your family and possessions with our meticulous inspection and remediation process.


Burnt materials and the resulting smoke often contain hazardous contaminants that can cause harm to people or property long after the fire is extinguished. Our skilled technicians rigorously follow industry standards and use the best equipment available to help find and eliminate any potential dangers.


After a fire, it is critical to begin the cleanup process as soon as possible to reduce the risk of additional damage.


We are available 24 hours a day to help. To get help immediately, call 800-207-0065.


Fire Cleanup and Restoration includes the following steps:


Step 1 – Inspection and Damage Assessment


Using the best technology in the industry, our skilled technicians will complete a thorough walkthrough and inspection of the property. This will establish and document the source of damage and the identify the affected areas. During this inspection, we will also assess the risk of contamination and microbial growth.


Step 2 – Emergency Mitigation, Board Up or Roof Tarp (as needed)


If your home has been damaged, it may require additional protective measures while the repairs are underway. We can tarp your roof, seal up doors or windows and isolate contaminated areas of the property to keep you as comfortable as possible without the need to relocate.


Step 3 – Water Removal, Dry-out and Dehumidification from Firefighting activity (as needed)


During this step, we will take all necessary precautions to protect the property that remains in place and prepare the space for drying. We will remove all free-standing water with submersible pumps and industrial wet/dry vacuums before removing any contaminated items or those which cannot be dried.


By controlling the airflow, temperature, and humidity, we can speed the evaporation of any moisture left in the space and get you back in your property faster. Let WATER FIRE FIX put their technology to work for you, getting the job done as quickly and quietly as possible.


Step 4 – Removal of Smoke and Soot from All Surfaces and Personal Property


Our technicians have a meticulous eye for detail and will carefully inspect and clean every affected surface in your home or property. Large, hard to clean items may be removed for a thorough cleaning offsite.


Step 5 – Smoke Odor Removal, Air Purification and Complete Cleaning and Sanitation


After a water or fire loss, all affected areas must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Wet or burnt materials may give off an odor which can require the use of air scrubbers and fogging equipment to fully remove. Precious keepsakes and personal items can be sent off-site for a complete and detailed restoration.


We are available 24 hours a day to help. To get help immediately, call 800-207-0065.


We know how traumatic a fire can be and we will do everything in our power to help bring your home and property into a pre-loss condition.


When you call, you will be asked for the following information. Please have it available if possible:


Name and Contact Information
Insurance Information (If applicable)
Property Address where the damage occurred
Date and Time of event
Description and cause of damage
Status of electricity at the property

Smoke Damage

Even small fires can lead to secondary damage from smoke and burnt material often contains dangerous contaminates. Trust our skilled technicians to find and eliminate any potential hazards.
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